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A Habits Hawaiian Getaway

Posted by on Jun 7th 2017

Monday morning. The alarm goes off, and in that moment you’d sell your soul for another two minutes of sleep. You’re trying to get ready for the day, but one of your kids got their head stuck in the armhole of their shirt and needs you…now! You get that dealt with and go to make breakfast, and then the bread knife slices more of your thumb than the bagel. You check Google Maps on your way out the door, and look at that, a collision on the highway. Your commute time just doubled.

There are mornings where it feels like life runs you over with a Buick. Only, it backs the car up and runs over you a second time, just to make sure it finishes the job.

It’s on those days you need to pour yourself a hot cup of Habits coffee. Although we know we can’t do anything about your child’s inability to correctly put on a shirt, or the blood spurting from your thumb, or the person texting and driving that sent your GPS map into beet red, but we can do the next best thing – take you away mentally.

When you brew a fresh pot of Habits coffee, you’re not just getting yourself a beverage -- you’re taking a mental vacation to Hawaii’s beaches and palm trees, without having to stand in an interminable TSA line. It’s made possible only by us producing our coffee using a combination of elements that make it purely Hawaiian.

It starts in the sky, with 250 days a year of sunshine, and extends to the ground where our farm’s location in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park provides nutrient-rich volcanic soil for our trees to grow in. In between, the beans are soaked in the mountain spring water that runs through our farm. We handpick every bean, and we don’t use any machinery in the harvest.

That all-natural approach locks in the delicious Hawaiian flavor all the way to your cup, and you can feel it the moment it hits your lips. You’re no longer sitting in traffic behind a semi-truck belching fumes at you, or listening to a co-worker talk about the weird thing their doctor found, or sitting in that boring class you’re only taking as a prerequisite.

No, the moment you take that first sip, you’re relaxing on the beach. You have your toes in the water and the sun on your face. You’re sitting under the shadow of Mauna Kea, with the Pacific Ocean stretching endlessly out over the horizon. For those precious few moments, you’re floating at sea, watching the Hawaiian sun burst through the clouds, without a care in the world.

It’s not teleportation, but it’s the next best thing: Habits coffee. If you need to take a mental trip to paradise, make sure you head to our online store, and treat yourself to the mental vacation you need.