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​Achieving Enlightenment Through a Cup of Java: Enlightened Habits Specialty Light Blonde Roast

Posted by on Feb 17th 2017

Have you ever noticed that some people are able to“keep on the sunny side?” Have you ever wondered why blondes have more fun? Concerned that a brooding personality might be getting in the way of your own, personal transcendence? Answer these questions and overcome these limitations by taking in our new Enlightened Habits Specialty Light Blonde Roast.

In our last blog, we proudly introduced you to Centered Habits for a more balanced start to the day, but now we’re hoping to have you start the day with the right foot forward. (No offense to our dear, left-handed patrons out there!)

As you head out into the world from the safety of your own nest, the last thing you need is to be burdened by the great weight of the planet’s problems and society’s issues. You need light, fruity notes acting like aerial lifts in your shoes. You need the wisdom of the planet’s palate of flavors rolling around in your mouth -- serving up sensations of passion’s fire without a searing effect.

When it comes to fueling up with your breakfast in the morning (or for after-dinner activities for that matter), you want something that packs a punch but also patterns your soul with sweet kisses. Most importantly, no matter what hour of the day you’re drinking coffee in, you want that coffee to keep you driven while still nimble and flexible enough to take everything life throws at you.

For all of and many more poetic reasons we won’t go into at length, we present this new, blonder friend of ours. Enlightened Habits is a Ka’u coffee blend like no other -- at one time she is both a delicate guide throughout your day, and the most relentless coach you could ask for. She’s powerful, pristine, personal, and if you ask us, just about perfect.

If life’s light eludes you, if you find yourself ensconced in darkness more often than your mind can take, all that you need to do is a very simple thing indeed. Step out of the shadows, friend. See, we made our specialty blonde roast into something more than a beverage. This isn’t just a coffee, and it’s certainly more than a bag of beans. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that Enlightened Habits is a bag of magic beans… but that particular product idea has already generated a bad reputation for itself.

What Enlightened Habits really is, is just a simple, yet vastly complicated, product of good ol’ Mother Earth. These are the finest Hawaii-grown Ka’u coffee beans, roasted to perfection on our sustainable and family-run farm, then delivered to your door for a feeling of enlightenment in a single, steaming cup.

This may be coffee we’re talking about, but at the same time, it’s not just coffee. It’s the product of a hard-working, American business, grown and processed with love. It won’t hold your hand, but it also won’t let you down on the road to enlightenment. Yes, this bag of coffee will be with you along the entire way, from #SipToChakra.

Purchase a bag of Enlightened Habits online now, and we’ll send it your way, with a little bit of love all the way from Pahala. Use the promo code 10HABITSW in our online store before March 30th, and get 10% off, plus free shipping when you order a bag of these beans!