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​An Intervention: 3 Things that Shouldn’t Go with Morning Coffee

Posted by on Jan 20th 2017

Okay, news in the coffee world has been bittersweet lately, with good news coming from health authorities and bad ideas coming from some heavy purveyors of convenience store coffee.

But first, the good news: In yet another revelation around the fact that coffee seems to have minimal adverse effects on drinkers, the latest is that coffee might actually help lengthen your lifespan. A new study published in Nature Medicine correlated high levels of caffeine consumption with protection against chronic states of inflammation.

Diseases of aging are often the result of age-induced inflammation in any of the body’s various systems. Caffeine shuts off the inflammatory pathways, according to researchers. Out of the 100 people studied, the ones who drank the most caffeine experienced inflammation symptoms the least.

This is great, and if we could survive off of coffee alone, all of us over here at Tree M Farms would probably live forever with this news in mind.

But, alas, life and living require that we humans consume food, preferably in some solid form. With that in consideration, we’ve taken the time to create a list of foods that just shouldn’t be your coffee’s accompaniment in the AM hours:

Convenience Store Breakfast Pizza (This is obvious, right?)

Look, your dietary and purchasing decisions are your own to make, and don’t think we’re passing judgement, but this is your health we’re talking about, after all. So c’mon… if you’re going to be drinking coffee in the morning, come up with a more refined pairing than a pile of empty calories and carbs.


The jury is still out on this one, to some extent, but… breakfast cereal might be a part of a wholesome breakfast, but a bowl of sweetened grains is far from the most nutritious start to your day. A little bit of cereal with some good portions of fruit, veggies, and protein isn’t so bad, but millions of Americans habitually eat cereals with high sugar levels and little actual nutritional value.

And, Finally: Robots

Look, the prevalence of robotic components in our coffee making/drinking rituals is getting a little bit out of hand. We’ve got Alexa working at the beck and call of humans who don’t want to brew their own morning mug, and now the robots are competing to take over the many barista jobs that provide decent, honest employment to countless Americans.

Have we not witnessed how this plays out in one big-budget Hollywood film after another? The machines offer us convenience, practicality, and precision… until we take advantage of their mechanic ability to follow commands. Then, before you know it, boom! Robot apocalypse… now you’re the one making coffee for the terminator.

And, if we’re talking about this stuff for the purpose of lengthening lifespans, then the last thing we need is a robo-pocalypse.

Jokes and technological marvels aside, it really is important that you consider the big picture when evaluating your overall health and dietary strategy. And, when it comes to thebig picture, life isn’t just about health, fitness, and holistic wellness. Life has to also be measured by the quality at which it's experienced.

So, with everything we’ve said being said, here are a few ideas for those days when you just want to indulge a little, and you’d like coffee to play an integral role in that process.

And, don’t forget that whether you're brewing it or cooking with it, the coffee you want in your cupboard should be the best you can get. So, order a bag of our signature Habits Coffee online to get premium Ka’u coffee beans delivered to your door all the way from Hawaii!