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​Best Times of the Day to Drink Coffee: A Rebuttal to Science

Posted by on Aug 5th 2016

This is an urgent update from Tree M Farms here in Pahala. It has come to our attention that many people are not aware of the fact that there are critical times in the day when your body can benefit from consumption of coffee. Basically, in order for your body to operate at peak efficiency levels, you must be certain that you’re only drinking coffee at recommended times in the day.

Perhaps the most shocking thing that we’ve learned recently is that you should not drink coffee all day every day (gasp)! We were stunned to learn that the coffee water fountain we set up in the kitchen was probably a bad idea. However, we do think that there are exceptions to the rule that coffee isn’t for 24-hour consumption. We can boil the day down to three fairly precise time frames in which semi-indulgent coffee consumption is forgivable. Here they are:


Obviously, most of us wake up reaching for the morning mug. But according to something that people are calling “science,” it looks like coffee doesn’t have its best effect on you when you drink it first thing to start the day. This is for a combination of reasons, but basically drinking coffee when you first wake up messes with your cortisol levels and increases your tolerance over time.

With that in mind, it’s best to wait until after you've hadsome food, and a chance to wake up, to crack into your beans. But hey, some days you just need something that might fulfill your compulsive and ritualistic desires to start you off on a good foot for the day. Don’t feel guilty if, every once in a while, you welcome a warm cup into your life before a meal.


If you skipped coffee in the morning, then have no real fear about going for your favorite grind when you start to slow down in the afternoon. As long as you’re maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle otherwise, it's fine to seek a little short-term stimulation to get you back on track.

Of course, it’s worth repeating that coffee consumption all day is also not recommended, according to studies. Too much caffeine can affect your sleep patterns, cause you to lose focus, and possibly worst of all, lower the effectiveness of caffeine over time. So if you already had a cup or two this morning, itmight be better to skip a latte with lunch.


Imagine this scenario: You’ve just been served a fabulous dinner at the local upscale restaurant. Your belly is full but your palate still longs for a closer; something to finish the culinary experience with a rich taste that isn’t too sweet and won’t fill you to bursting. The server comes around, asking if you’d like coffee, perhaps with a light biscotti or something similar. What do you say?

Barring any immediate need to go to sleep, you say yes, of course. Because, sure you had coffee in the morning, but it’s been nearly 12 hours at this point and that’s just what you’re craving. Maybe you want a little jolt before going out dancing. Maybe you’ve got work or studying to do that will keep you up. Or maybe you just want it. That’s okay, too.

The point here is that, yes, you should make dietary decisions that, in the long run, give you a chance at a long and healthy life. But, a long life isn’t worth the years it is counted on if those years aren’t spent in enjoyment. There is always a fine line between educated indulgence, and compulsive gluttony, but the line is there and you can walk it.

One of the best ways to keep yourself on the right side of the line is to make sure that, whatever time you are drinking coffee, the coffee you’re drinking is of the highest quality. Here in Pahala, we go great lengths to ensure that the coffee we ship to you undergoes a natural, untainted process. Our premium Ka’u coffee is organically imbued with the very spirit of Hawaii’s elements. Purchase a bag of our beans by shopping online today!