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​Coffee Culture Under a Microscope: Winter is Coming

Posted by on Oct 7th 2016

Autumn is a season of change, there’s no ignoring that fact. Even here in Hawaii, where the weather and climate don’t change much from season to season, we can sense a shift in cultural and culinary interests. All over the mainland, people are putting away their mojitos in exchange for hot toddies. Swimsuits are finding their home in the bottom of the dresser, while cozy hoodies and stylish jackets are leaving closets to abandon their summer hibernation. All the way over in New England, leaves are popping off the trees in myriad colors, falling to the ground to be crunched by warm boots.

And this trend towards thermally comfortable accoutrement doesn’t end with the toes and torso. Our national oral fixation is making a switch from cold brew and iced mochas to cappuccino and pumpkin spice lattes. When we wake up in the morning, we nolonger long to hear the sound of a chilled liquid being poured over frozen ice, but instead we want our morning alarm to be the bubbling of a coffee maker producing the final drips of a fresh pot.

The change in season doesn’t just change the way we drink our coffee; it also changes the where. As coffee shops are forced to close their doors to keep out the blustering winds of winter’s preview, so too do the patrons of these establishments undergo a metamorphosis. The carefree attitudes and relaxed posture of the warm season have disappeared, leaving in their place a diasporic remnant of once cheerful dispositions. The jovial people of summer have been replaced with huddled, hungry masses in search of caffeine and victuals.

October alters our food intake, as well. Weeks ago, a bowl of granola and an iced coffee would have felt like a fine breakfast to many, as they basked in the morning sunlight on the front porch. Now, as those in colder climates wrap themselves in blankets and stare longingly at tropical calendars, their minds wander to warmer meals to be washed down by a steaming cup of joe.

While summer brunch sessions slip away, comfort can be found in that which we are left with to take pleasure in. Mimosas can make way for the simple comfort of hot eggs, bacon, toast, and potatoes. Summer’s gazpacho had its time, now the world is ready for chicken soup. We’ll take one order for the body, and another for the soul, please. This time of year indulges a desire for nourishment.

Fall is the scenic buffer between a time of reckless enjoyment and a season of self-empathy. Winter reminds us of ourselves, because as we turn inwards for comfort, so do our thoughts. Self-consideration in winter is not an act of vanity or selfishness, but rather an act of necessity. Fall is our moment of pause before we begin a pseudo-hibernation in the winter.

No matter what time of year it is, transition from slumber to real life with smooth movements and graceful ease. Take small comforts where they are, and revel in them.

As the season changes, our habits do, too. It’s a good thing when we are able to adapt, but it’s also nice to have as much consistency as possible in a world that changes so frequently. One habit you can always rely on is Habits Specialty Dark Roast coffee. The smell of it brewing in the morning, and the rich way it hits your palate when you take a sip, are bound to make you feel better and be able to keep up with the changes as they happen all around you. Order a bag of our premium Ka’u coffee beans online and have them delivered right to your door… without having to brave the cold outside.