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​Coffee: Why it's the Center of the Universe

Posted by on Jul 26th 2016

“Let’s do coffee.”

How did these words become so parallel to the overall social, professional, and romantic experience in America? We do coffee for meetings, we do coffee for dates, and we coffee for ourselves, but how did it come to be that way? Why are coffee shops the cornerstones of our communities and coffee makers the cornerstones of our kitchens? 

A good coffee shop is much more than simply a coffee shop, isn’t it? It’s the place you stop in once a week to see fledgling comedians, spoken word poets, and up-and-coming musicians at the neighborhood open mic night. It’s the place where the local activists, volunteers, and community movers and shakers gather to discuss their next big move. Perhaps even more importantly, the coffee shop is the place you can always turn to when you’re having a restless moment at home or in the office. When you’re waiting for that big phone call or just bored out of your mind and need a destination for your feet to carry you to, the coffee shop is waiting. 

Our local baristas are located in the heart of our communities, and they pump civilians in and out like we’re the blood vessels that keep the whole community body healthy. We feel comfortable asking a romantic interest out for coffee because coffee is comforting, and because coffee houses are like the neutral safe territory we all find ourselves in when we have no other place to be. Of course a fancy dinner and wild adventure make for the type of dates that dreams are made of, but there aren’t many better ways to get to know somebody than by sharing a conversation over a cup of coffee. And, in the end, those conversations are the stuff that real life dreams are actually made of.

Plus there's a reason that folks from the business world like to meet over a cup of coffee, as well. It’s not just that, “Let’s meet over coffee” is a colloquial saying stuck in all of our minds. Just as you can get to know someone who’s captured that sparkle in your eye over a cup of coffee, you can really evaluate your competitors and potential collaborators through the same means. Nothing says go-getter like an interviewee who’s willing to meet for coffee at seven in the morning, right when the shop opens up. 

Come to think of it, coffee is kind of a symbol of American entrepreneurship and ingenuity, isn’t it? Even the act of producing coffee implies a willingness to build from the ground up, quite literally, in order to create something great. But it’s about more than creating something great. It’s about creating something worth being proud of, then being willing to deconstruct it and grind it to its smallest parts, in order to make that creation into something even better and more useful. When you brew a pot of coffee, you’re finalizing the steps of a long, careful process that was intended for you, and the moment of that first cup, for months. 

So hold that space for coffee as sacred. Whether your coffee headquarters is your local café or your kitchen counter, make sure that you’re honoring it. Be on time for the business meeting. Listen carefully and sip slowly while you’re on that coffee date. Stock your kitchen cabinet with coffee that comes from a place of love. 

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