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Fall is Here

Posted by on Oct 26th 2017

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will soon – that morning the alarm blares, you roll out of bed, zombie-walk to the bathroom, your feet hit the linoleum, and a shiver explodes up your entire body.

It’s cold.

Like, really cold.

That frigid bathroom floor means one thing – fall is here. The leaves are changing color, Halloween decorations are out, and the temperature is dropping. When you walk into the bathroom and it feels like you stepped onto an ice floe in the Arctic, you know autumn has arrived. Although we may not get as cold here in Hawaii as they do in Minnesota, we definitely still feel the change in weather as Fall settles in.

While that change means you have to dig the sweaters out of the closet and watch the sun go down earlier, it’s also coffee season. And sure, coffee is delicious any time of year, but there’s something special about it when autumn hits. Why do coffee and autumn go so well together? Well, here are five reasons:


Sure, summer coffee is great, but you have to admit there’s something strange about getting up at 6 a.m., opening the blinds and having your kitchen blasted by sun rays. But that doesn’t happen in autumn. No, autumn is getting up, opening those blinds…and it’s still dark outside. You brew that cup of coffee, still no sun. And then you get in your car to go to work, and only then does the sun start peeking out. It’s mornings like those when your Habits coffee tastes just right.


Everyone complains about the rain, but there’s something soothing about hearing rain hitting your windows. And nothing’s more soothing than hearing that rain, brewing your pot of Habits, and curling up on the couch with a good book. Ok, maybe a magazine. Oh let’s face it, you’re playing Candy Crush and scrolling Instagram. Either way, rain hitting the windows is the perfect soundtrack for a cup of Habits coffee.


Autumn doesn’t just mean watching the little ones get on the bus to head off to elementary school. It’s when college starts, and coffee and college go hand in hand. Whether it’s all night study sessions, an early morning class, or just hanging out with friends in the campus lounge, coffee is an inextricable part of the college experience. But don’t settle for the sludge in the campus cafeteria, put a machine in your dorm room and brew some Habits. It’ll help get you through studying, breakups and homesickness. In college, coffee is the friend who’s there with you every step of the way.


As much as autumn is about school starting and leaves changing color, it’s also about football. And while there may have been a time that meant packing into a sports bar with 200 rowdy people and hoping they put your team on one TV in the corner of the bar, you’ve come to realize that’s not the best way to watch the game.

No, nothing beats curling up on the couch with the remote control in one hand and a cup of Habits in the other, letting the hours while away on a Sunday as you double down on java and the Jaguars. Don’t let the beer ads fool you – nothing beats a hot cup of Habits on a cold day with the gridiron on TV.

Youth Sports

Maybe you don’t have a lot of time to watch football since you run a weekend taxi service for your kids’ activities. There’s no shortage of fall sports options, be it football, soccer or hockey. And what do they all have a common? Odds are the parents are all standing around a frigid field or a crisp coliseum shivering the whole time.

And sure, many of them are holding a cup of coffee they picked up on the way, but you know better. You don’t need to stand in line for mass-produced coffee when you can brew a pot of Habits at home and bring it with you. If you have to stand in the rain watching your kid lose a soccer game 5-0, at least you can use your Habits to stave off the frigid weather.

If you need to stock up Habits for all your autumn activities, make sure you shop online with us. After all, Habits will be an integral part of everything you do during this season of transition.