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​Introducing More Balance to Your Breakfast: Centered Habits Specialty Medium Roast

Posted by on Feb 3rd 2017

For decades, we’ve heard the words “part of a balanced breakfast” in commercials and on product packaging. Everything from cereals to bacon have been identified as part of this elite group of food, this subcategory of nutrition that is “breakfast.” Food companies have peddled their wares since the 50’s, asking customers to balance their dietary scales with protein, fat, sugar, and empty carbs. Today, we’d like to offer you a better way to find balance while you break your fast.

After years of satisfying coffee lovers with our signature Dark Roast, we’ve mastered the alchemical arts of the coffee plantation and roasting factory. We’ve taken the elements of Hawaiian sun, sand, and water to create caffeinated gold in the form of an earthen-themed elixir to drive you through the day. Our new Centered Habits Specialty Medium Roast is on the market, available for purchase, and ready to ship to you from beautiful Pahala.

Balance can now be achieved anywhere. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Head into the kitchen and craft yourself a cup of java that weighs all the heavenly magic of the universe evenly between two soft, metaphorical hands. Thismedium roast is the embodiment of Mother Earth’s playful nature (no pun intended), so embrace the spirit of honua by filling your cupboard with the most balanced beans in the world of Ka’u coffee.

Better yet, treat your loved one to a special treat. Before they’ve even had a chance to leave the bed and let the world send their scales into disarray, greet them with love by bringing Centered Habits into the bedroom for greater satisfaction and commitment from your morning cup. This balanced cup is the perfect company anywhere you go.

Have no fear, ye faithful admirers of the caffeinated boost! Centered as she may be, our newest flavor on the block still packs a powerful punch to help you carry yourself through the day. This medium roast holds a less domineering presence over your palate than its bolder counterpart, but it won’t let you down if you’re feeling helter-skelter at midday. It goes well with breakfast, it goes well with lunch, and you know what? Dessert is always better with a little bit of balance as well.

We’ve been working hard for some time to make sure that when we shared our super-secret formulas with the world, they would be brought to the public’s awareness without flaw. Along with coffee to make you more centered, we’ve also concocted a brand new creation to help you find enlightenment. But, we’ll talk more about that another time. For now, we just want to make sure you understand that we’re working tirelessly to tame the mythical beast of the perfect cup, for anyone.

Centered Habits is a subtle affirmation of all that you want from a diverse cup of coffee. Mild notes of richness and elegance are flattered and complimented by the beans’ naturally fruity undertones, and all of this happens right along the top of your tongue. Just when you think things can’t get any more sideways, this coffee can be there to set everything right again. All you have to do is order a bag online.

Keep your balance! From #SipToCentered!☺