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​Roasted Resolutions for 2017

Posted by on Dec 16th 2016

Have you ever inhaled the wafting aroma that comes from millions of roasting coffee beans? If you’ve ever driven by a roaster during this magical time, you’ll know that it is not to be forgotten.

Imagine the smell of a fresh cup of coffee if that cup was the size of an Olympic pool. Now, imagine that your heart and soul have just been infused with all of the hope and inspiration of the universe, and that your brain was just jump-started by the same two lightning bolts that inspired Ben Franklin and brought life to Frankenstein’s monster. This is what it’s like to drive by or walk among massive amounts of roasted coffee.

You might mistake these words for hyperbole, thinking for some reason that we would exaggerate the effect of inhaling copious amounts of java-in-progress, in order to stir your interest like the cream in our cup. But we have sworn, not just as some misguided New Year’s resolution, but as a lifelong mission to never mislead you, dear readers. Here on Tree M Farms, the information we disseminate is intended only to heal, excite, and inspire.

Boy is there ever inspiration to be drawn from the first roast of the day. Just when you start to wonder if you can make it through another 24 hours of labor, the odor hits you, and it's suddenly hard to imagine why you would to do anything else. You can smell the sense of newness as it mingles with the divine wisdom of the earth.

There’s just something special about taking something from the ground, or from a plant, and embracing its existence so completely that you’re able to transform it and even elevate to something new. You are given something with history, a connection to the planet, and you fashion it into something new and useful. It's this type of process that defines humanity and intelligent life. First we appreciate a resource, and then we refine it to make it better.

Of course, each new cycle presents new and varied challenges. The weather might cause a hiccup, equipment might falter, or the body might simply need more rest. But, somehow or another, the task will eventually need to be completed, and therefore you cannot pause for too long. The labor must continue, and in realizing this, you may be removed of the burden of choice.

What does it mean to really get to work? It can’t be automatic or mindless, like a machine. Real labor involves a nuanced touch and a flexible mind. You must be able to plan, follow through, and adapt if you want your efforts to bear fruit.

As we approach a new year, we take lessons from the last 12 months and apply them to our view of the future. It’s the same thing we do when we approach a new task on the farm or in the workshop. We assess the obstacle in front of us, compare it to our experiences of the past, and formulate a plan or adapt our current one accordingly. Assess, adapt, and repeat… that’s all life really comes down to.

When you smell the coffee roasting or brewing, you’re being given an olfactory glimpse into the entirety of human potential for developing something new out of lessons learned from the past. It’s the perfume of progress, originating from nature’s earthy womb and being fully realized in odorous form for the sensory perceptions of mankind.

Take it all in, and revel in the story that hasn’t been told yet. The smell isn’t sweet, but it calls to you sweetly. The air is rich, but at the same time, somehow humble. When these blackened beans fill the ozone with their unmistakable atmospheric contributions, it's impossible to ignore the robust spirit of human nature.

We wish you could take in the heavenly scent in the ethers here in Pahala when we’re roasting our premium Ka’u coffee beans, but unfortunately this show doesn’t go on the road. For a slightly smaller, but still powerful experience in odor, have a bag of our signature dark roast delivered to your door through our online store.

Happy New Year, coffee lovers.