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​Season’s Steaming: Stop and Smell It

Posted by on Nov 4th 2016

The American Public is preparing to make a decision that will reverberate throughout history. We are consumed by our own political narrative right now, a narrative which is so strong that many of us might, at times, feel like we are drowning in rhetoric, propaganda, and headlines. Election Stress Disorder is officially a thing in 2016, and the tension is palpably thick in the air. So thick, in fact, that you couldn't cut it with a knife. The tension in the air around the Unites States is denser than a knife could handle… a chainsaw might be more fitting.

But, we say,“aloha” from Hawaii as we come bearing gifts of good news! Regardless of what decision you need to make today, there is a clear and simple solution that can help you at a minimal cost and with zero inconvenience. You’ve probably heard this advice in one form or another over the years, but there’s a reason for that. This sage advice has been handed down from generation to generation, across all cultural boundaries and socio-political divides. Whether you plan to vote right, left, down the middle, here is the secret to surviving the decision-making process:

Stop and smell the coffee.

Maybe it seems like we’re being flip about this whole thing, but we hope you can consider it and take this recommendation seriously. We hope that at some point, and ideally some point very soon, you find yourself with time for thought. In a perfect world, at some point over the next couple of days, you will be surrounded by quiet, with a hot cup of coffee in your hand and nothing to distract you for all the time that you need.

We hope that if you are lucky enough to be in this moment before November 8, you embrace it. If you are granted this moment of solitude, take a deep breath. Inhale the vapors of emanating from the mug in front of your face. Pause, and hold that breath inside of you for a moment before exhaling. Look out the window at the trees, with their leaves on the ground and the sky above them turning grey. Remember that life is a series of seasons, and that each season brings new change with it.

In this moment of honesty, this hour of contemplation, consider what matters most to you. Hold your values and your desires inside of your heart, and don’t let them go for as long as it takes for those principles to once again become a part of you without doubt. Take this time to cast away the debates and the press from the last year, and all that you will be left with is what really matters.

Then, do what you must. Accept the reality of the present for what it is, and prepare to move on. You will decide what you will decide, then you will go about living with it. This is all that we ever do.

Once you’ve cast your ballot and the score is settled, take another moment to follow this equally important advice to what we’ve already given you:

Stop and smell the coffee… again.

It’s not enough to pull the trigger and make a decision, we have to be willing to evaluate that decision, honestly and without regret getting in the way. If we are all willing to consider our actions and the choices we make before, during, and after the decisions are made, then regardless of what happens in the election, we will all be winners.

What we’re really trying to say is that, even though the messages that we are inundated with can be overwhelming, please give yourself time. Take time to check in with yourself, with your family, and with your neighbors. No matter what happens during this or any other month, we are all in this together, and we can only be there for each other so long as we take care of ourselves. Seize your mornings to hold your loved ones, and really talk to each other over your morning mug.

And while you’re doing it, you might as well be conscious of what you’re putting into your body. On election day, eat a good breakfast and go to the voting booths energized and ready for the future. And if you want to fuel yourself with a cup of coffee that was really made with love, well,you might as well try our Dark Habits Specialty Dark Roast. It’s really good for a pontificating moment.