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The Habits Gift-Giving Guide

Posted on Dec 7th 2017

There used to be a time when on Christmas morning, you’d wake up before dawn, race downstairs and see what awaited you under the tree.

The tree stood in the living room, all but illuminated by a single beacon of light, flanked by a bounty of gits you and your siblings would tear into like lions on the savannah tear into a downed gazelle.

But as you get older, that anticipation dwindles, until you become an adult and it’s replaced by apathy, if not outright dread – “I have to buy presents? And wrap them? And decorate the house? And bake?” - usually followed by quiet sobbing to help you process the to-do list.

At Habits, we know you have a lot on your plate, and we’re here to help. We can’t put up your Christmas lights, but we can help you with your gift giving. Odds are you know a coffee lover or two, so let us give you some advice on how to shop for the coffee drinker in your life:

Habits Self-Promotion

That’s right, the first place you need to visit on your coffee quest is right here on our website. No matter the java preferences of your recipient, we have something for them.

Our Medium Roast is our classic brew, the perfect cup of coffee for people who love a more traditional type of coffee. Or perhaps your Uncle Charlie likes a lighter coffee, in which case our Light Blonde Roast is the perfect gift to put under the tree. It brings a little extra boost of caffeine while tickling their palate with a fruity twist.

On the other hand, maybe your cousin Karen needs a heaver version of their Habits. If that’s the case, our Dark Roast Coffee is the answer to her Christmas wish list. With an extra burst of flavor, it brings a little extra energy to someone’s morning.

Shop today to find the perfect blend for the coffee lover on your list.

Hot Coffee, Hot Mug

When someone imbibes their Habits every morning, it changes them. It wakes them up, brings them to life and gets them ready to start the day. And while all of this happens inside of the drinker, you can give them a gift that shows their loved ones how the change occurs.

This mug shows how that change happens on the outside, when the coffee makes the mug go from black to white, with an image of someone waking up in the process.

When people see this cup, it’s a clear demonstration of when the user is ready to start their day and you're free to speak to them.

A Picture Perfect Mug

If that mug is a clear indication of how someone feels while drinking their Habits, this one leaves a little something to the imagination.

It looks like you’re carrying a camera lens, until you unscrew it and take a big swig of your drink. This one might be worth the purchase just so you can see the looks of unsuspecting people round you.

Coffee Table book…about coffee

No, this book isn’t a real version of Kramer’s classic idea on Seinfeld of a coffee table book that becomes a coffee table. Instead, this is a coffee table book all about how to make better coffee at home. We know, this all sounds very meta, but that’s probably the point.

In any event, when you buy Habits for someone, giving them this book with it might help them take their morning coffee to even greater heights.

Scale Up Your Gift Game

In looking at your list of people to buy for, this gift might take some weight off your shoulders. Does the coffee lover you’re buying for just eyeball how many beans they need to use, or how much water to add?

They can make the perfect pot of Habits with this digital scale –its sleek look resembles the newest high-tech tablet, with a touchscreen that helps you determine the perfect ratios for that pot of Habits. Don’t let your loved ones use too much water or too few beans.

As you go through your never-ending holiday to-do list, it can seem like the obligations can outweigh the spirit of the season. As you make your list and check it twice, be sure to take care of yourself too. A steaming cup of Habits is the perfect way to start the day during the winter. You help others every day, let us help you.