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​The Value of the Coffee Break: An Institutional Ideal

Posted by on Sep 2nd 2016

Coffee helps us be productive -- there’s no denying that. Some of us wouldn’t bother getting out of bed in the morning if we weren’t enticed into doing so by the idea that, before long, we’ll be sipping on a fresh cup of the finest caffeinated concoction available. For many of us, coffee is the catalyst of our day, the key to our own initiative, and the reason we’re able to drag ourselves into work.

But drinking coffee can also be an act of leisure. There are few things more luxurious than sipping on a cappuccino after a decadent dinner, with a house-maid biscotti on the plate in front of you. And when Sunday morning rolls around, and you're simultaneously reflecting on the weekend while looking ahead to the week in front of you, it’s coffee that keeps you comforted and your mind at ease.

But the real beauty in a cup of coffee is in its ability to blend the worlds of leisure and productivity. Think about those moments when you are absolutely at your wit’s end, ready to pull your hair out and at a complete loss for a solution to the problems that plague you. When the world seems like it's conspiring against you, and you just don’t have the energy for holistic solutions like exercise or a nutritional meal, the thing you often turn to is coffee.

We’ve all been there. In the face of disaster with no apparent option for salvation ahead, you pace the floor of your office or living room, shaking your head in despair and clutching at your temple with tierce agitation building up in your spine. You have to keep pressing forward, but you’re at a complete loss as to how that’s even possible. With no immediate solution available, you lumber toward the coffee pot, remembering that there’s a cup left over from the morning.

As you make your way to the coffee, your mind reflects on that which weighs you down. Potential solutions might present themselves, but only fleetingly, as each entertained approach to salvation is quickly dismissed with the realization of an additional complication. You become invested more deeply into your own hopelessness, until you find yourself face to face with a steaming pot of coffee and the comfortingly rich, earthy aroma the pot offers.

This is when the magic happens; in the midst of a sequence of events so casual, it seems impossible that magic could occur. Somewhere in between the point where you start pouring your cup, and you start sipping from it, your mind begins to come alive again. The flavor, aesthetic experience, and meditative opportunity allowed to you by the process of getting yourself served is instantly cathartic. Rather than being faced with challenges, your mind starts to come up with viable solutions to those challenges.

You begin to pace again, this time not out of anxiety but out of excitement. You keep sipping the coffee, and keep ruminating on the tasks ahead, and one by one you begin to solve your problems in your mind. In the time it takes you to drink the cup of coffee, you gain clarity on all of your immediate concerns, and you’re able to resume the day’s labor with a clear mind and an optimistic attitude.

Coffee breaks give us the kind of transitive nourishment that we can’t find anywhere else. It appeals to our chemical, sensory, and experiential needs. Coffee stimulates us into activity while also allowing us a moment's peace.

But to effectively embrace this moment of peace, we need to be supplied with quality coffee that’s produced with the end product in mind. At Habits Coffee, we take pride in a process that is based in old-fashioned and sustainable practices. Purchase a bag of our beans today, and be rewarded with a quality coffee break.