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Our Process

From our farm to your cup, when our Ka’u coffee beans arrive on your doorstep, you’ll be able to taste the Hawaiian sun, salt and soil in every sip.


Located in the small village of Pahala on the Big Island of Hawaii, near the Ka’u Coast, our farm soaks up delicious Hawaiian sunshine an average of 250 days of the year, while drinking in just the right amount of rainfall to make our coffee trees thrive.

Additionally, we rely on the sun to dry our coffee beans until their moisture content drops to 12% – the perfect balance needed to maintain their natural oils and retain their rich flavor during our coffee roasting process.



What makes Habit's Coffee great coffee is the labor, sweat and care – the salt – that goes into producing it. We baby our coffee beans every step of the way, from seed to roast. Harvest begins when we handpick every ripe green bean, remove the fruit skin, and then leave them to soak and ferment for 24 hours in our farm's mountain spring water. Then we wash the green coffee beans a second time, before laying them out to dry in the sun. Once the beans reach the right moisture point, we slow roast them in small batches (20 lbs. or less) in a non-automated old style drum, relying on our senses – sight, sound, smell and smoke – to create a decadent, rich and smooth coffee that surpasses even our own expectations.

We’re proud to say we’re family-owned and operated and don’t use any machinery during our harvest process. Once you taste our coffee, we’re pretty sure you’ll understand why.



Surrounded by an open landscape of lava and nestled below a rolling mountain range, part of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, our Ka’u coffee is some of the lushest, cleanest and most cared for in our region. We owe much of the unique quality of our coffee beans to the nutrient-rich volcanic soil our trees grow in.

In order to protect the freshness of our coffee beans and health of the environment, we use sustainable farming practices and process our beans locally, on-site.